Almost got in a wreck today :(

So we were coming home from Muncie, and we were about a third of the way home when some guy jumps on the brakes at an intersection, in the left hand-turn lane with his left turn signal on. “No problem,” I think. “There’s a passing/right-turn lane!” So I move over after only having slowed down about 10mph.

Next thing I know, this douchebag flips his right turn signal on, and tries to make a right (from a stop in the left turn lane) instead! I hit the skids, and managed to swerve into a gas station at about 30mph, with the front tip of his car narrowly clipping the rear bumper of mine - not enough to cause any damage but enough to polish the plastic and show he’d been there.

So we stop in the gas station, away from the pumps (lucky there was no one at the pumps or I might not have been able to stop in time!) and the guy’s about to drive off. Sabs starts yellin’ at him like “where the hell do you think you’re going?” so he stops and winds down his passenger side window.

The guy is basically acting like it was my fault, that I nearly “blindsided” him and that he’d done nothing wrong. “I changed my flasher,” he said - as if a half second (one blink) of turn signal is enough before you stomp on it. “We didn’t even hit,” is the next piece of trash that spews over his hillbilly jaw.

After I explained that we did, in fact, bump vehicles… he gets out and checks the back of his Durango and goes “Well it doesn’t look like YOU hit me, so I’m leaving.” Presumably he was late for a Pabst drinking contest or a monster truck rally, or it was time-overdue for his girlfriend’s hourly beating.

Lucky, no one in our car was hurt and there was no damage to my vehicle - but I was pretty ticked off at his insistence it was my fault.

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Eaton, IN 47338, USA

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