Our first ever Karate demonstration

Our little karate school had it’s first ever demonstration today, and I think it went really well. In fact despite that I can’t seem to get rid of this beer gut, this karate thing has helped me out a lot, really. I’ve always been less than comfortable in new social situations, but reaching 6th Kyu and taking on some assistant instructor duties has really forced me to get the fuck over that. Needless to say I thought I was going to throw up beforehand, but on the whole it turned out great.

Even though I was tired as hell from all the walking, and I’m pretty sure I’m a good bit sun-burnt (I wasn’t expecting to be out in the sun as long as I was), I put absolutely everything I had into the demonstration, and I think most all of the other students did too (I wasn’t really watching them). We were performing on a polished wood basketball court, and I didn’t want to slide so the first few kicks were a bit touch-and-go, but once I got comfortable, I let the air have it.

One of the things that really had me psyched was one of our Sensei’s Sensei was there and told me I looked a lot better than when he’d last seen me. He’s a 5th Dan Black Belt who’s been studying Karate for over 40 years, and is notoriously difficult to please, so that really made my day.

Montpelier, IN 47359



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Montpelier, IN 47359

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