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  1. Dad's Radiator Swap (Red Lion, VIC)
  2. Van Front End (Horsham, VIC)
  3. More Van Work! (Ballarat, VIC, Australia)
  4. Adelaide -> Pinnaroo (Adelaide, SA, Australia)
  5. Fuel efficiency in the Sprinter (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  6. Fire department shows up (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  7. Selling the Van - Part 3 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)


  1. Granny's House, and Home (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  2. Bustling Barringun (Barringun, Enngonia NSW 2840, Australia)
  3. Boxing Kangaroos (Emerald QLD 4720, Australia)
  4. Broken down in Bourke (Bourke NSW 2840, Australia)
  5. Made it home safe (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  6. More Sprinter Fixes (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  7. Finally fixed the Sprinter's indicators (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  8. Out to Mum and Dad's for a visit (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  9. Sprinter Fun - p1610 (Ballarat VIC, Australia)
  10. New high beams for the Van (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)


  1. New Vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  2. Sprinter: Rear Door Lock issues (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  3. NT Border, Second visit (Kulgera NT 0872, Australia)
  4. Kulgera, NT (Kulgera NT 0872, Australia)
  5. So I like to think we've got a pretty good story here... (Semaphore Park SA, Australia)
  6. Sprinter back together, on the road (Wingfield SA 5013, Australia)
  7. Hanging about in Port Adelaide again (Port Adelaide SA, Australia)
  8. Toolondo, Vic (Toolondo VIC 3401, Australia)
  9. No turbo again on the Sprinter (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  10. This is what several hundred bucks worth of copper looks like (Maryborough VIC 3465, Australia)
  11. The other Tropic of Capricorn (Newman WA 6753, Australia)
  12. Kumarina and Leonora (Leonora WA 6438, Australia)
  13. Back at the base again (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  14. Dad's van broke :( (Kaniva VIC 3419, Australia)