2010 Holden VE SS Commodore

SS Commodore

When it became apparent that the Blue VT Commodore wasn’t going to outlast our lease, we decided to spring for something a bit newer in the hopes it’d last us a good while without any major mechanical faults (at least, that’s the plan). We found a few potential candidates outside of town, but I was uncomfortable not being able to take it to our mechanic for a PPI, so when this one showed up we arranged to go look at it.

It’s a white, 2010 Holden VE Commodore SS - the SS trim for this model is below, rather than above, the Berlina like the VE was so we took some downgrades here and there over the VT, but on the whole it’s definitely an improvement.

They’d already come down a bit off the price they started advertising it at, though it was still not exactly on the cheap side of things despite having rather low KM for its age. However I figured they were looking to move it after speaking to them, and arranged to have the PPI done at Terry Rudolph’s after a short test-drive. After talking to them on price, they came down under what we were willing to spend, so we bought it in September 2019.

So far all we’ve done is replaced the factory stereo with an aftermarket Android Auto unit, and other than some drama immediately after picking it up with the brakes it’s been so-far-so-good. Between having two extra gears in the transmission and about 25% more HP factory (not counting that the VT’s engine was probably getting tired), it’s definitely fun to drive. It launches really well, given that it has an LSD and automatic traction control, whereas the VT would spin one wheel if you so much as sneezed on the throttle.