Sega Mega Drive - OSSC

In April of 2018, I bought a cheap-shit SCART cable for my Mega Drive. Finding one with the “U” DIN connector was a bit of a pain, as I didn’t want to spend the money on a good one as I wasn’t sure how long I’d actually play the thing for (the SNES will likely get one first). Like all of the other SCART cables I’ve bought for very little, it’s not wired particularly well, but it does the job.

The default timings and other settings were fine for me for all the games I had at the time of writing.

SCART Cable - as wired - Mono Audio

I’ve drawn up this diagram in case I manage to break or need to otherwise modify my cable - I may unhook the audio pins and use the Mega Drive “Stereo” output depending on how long until I think I’ll get a Master System, and how long until I think I’ll buy a decent cable for it.

This diagram is not technically correct, it’s “as-wired”. To do it right, check Evil Tim’s website, in particular most of the grounds are unconnected on my cable. Optionally, you may wish to use the top-left pin, which is composite sync, instead of the composite video pin for sync. I am considering disabling the chrominance output on my unit anyway to improve the quality of the singal, which I believe results in a similar improvement in quality. I’m not likely to do either until I replace it with a better cable though.

If I get a better cable I will update the diagram.