Contact me

Since I’ve removed any form of comment on this site, the best way to get my attention is probably via email - simply email, but replace both instances of “example” with my handle.

I’m also on IRC on several networks, usually as “fwaggle”. These networks include Freenode, EFnet, and

I’m on Steam, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also have a keybase account if you need a GPG private key.

Emailing me

Do not email me cold if it’s confidential, and don’t expect me to abide by any confidentiality disclaimers in your email. If you require non-disclosure or confidentiality, email me first requesting so, and I’ll send you back a link to my GPG public key and a signed agreement to that effect (or I’ll probably just ignore you). It is always assumed that my disclaimer trumps your disclaimer, and therefore in the absense of a GPG-signed agreement to confidentiality that anything that lands in my mailbox is my property, to do with as I see fit, up to and including publishing (with addresses and personal identifying information not including names redacted).

You’ve been warned.