OpenWRT: LetsEncrypt certificates via and CloudFlare

This is more for my records, but in case it’s useful to anyone else. First, install three packages if they’re not already installed:

opkg update
opkg install acme acme-dnsapi luci-app-acme

You should now have a new menu in the navigation menu up to: Services; ACME certs

Set your email address. Delete both sample configurations. Create a new one, and start changing settings:

  • Enabled: yes
  • Use Staging Server: yes
  • Use for uhttpd: yes
  • Pick your key size, and set domain names correctly (these must be in your zone, but DNS entries for them do not have to exist).

Under “Challenge Validation”:

  • Method: DNS
  • DNS API: dns_cf

DNS API Credentials (as three separate entries):


You have to create the token with Zone.DNS.Edit permissions. The two IDs you can get from the front page of your zone in the control panel.

Click save & apply, and after about a minute if you check the system you should see a successful attempt, and probably have gotten a certificate warning because of unknown issuer - the luci app will apply the cert even though the staging server signed it.

If that happens, just go back and uncheck “Use staging server” and click save & apply, and you should get a certificate.

If it fails, the system log should have enough info as to why, for example I had an error Can not find dns api hook for: dns_cf - that was because I did not have the acme-dnsapi package installed.

It should now automatically renew at 60 days.