Honestly, I simply turned my phone's screen on this morning to check my bank/credit card balances, and the 4.2 notification popped up. I have an Australian (Telstra) Galaxy Nexus, but I flashed it to Takju quite quickly upon receiving it. I guess I just got lucky in that I picked up the OTA quite early - there are countless frustrated users on r/Android still waiting on it (and I almost grabbed the image to flash it myself).

The notification toggles thing is cool, as the toggles were one of the things I was hoping to hack in by rolling my own Android. They're not complete toggles, more like shortcuts, and the inability to customize them sucks a little bit... but it's still an improvement over what I had.

But the photospheres and the improved camera... oh lord. The camera just seems to work much better than 4.1's did - maybe I'm imagining it. I tried out the photo sphere thing down at the creek, and it's amazingly intuitive and works really bloody well. What happens when you view them on G+ (if you have me in circles) is pure magic, I'm curious to see if it splashes over to Blogger. The creek? Well that's the subject for another post.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia fwaggle




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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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